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We Care.

Two simple, yet powerful, words. 


We know that so often in this high-tech world, you can feel lost in the shuffle.


It doesn’t matter if you have $5 or $5 million – we want to help you start reaching for the life you want.


Here at Focused Up Financial, we have two goals:


  • To partner with you to help you understand and take control of your financial picture. ​



  • To help enable the life you are truly meant to live, and together journey towards it. 



We want to partner with you to help turn your dreams into reality.




“There is always more you can do.”  

I founded Focused Up Financial because finances are important, yes, but finances are a means to an end, not the end. I founded this firm to help people ultimately focus on their lives. I want to help people who are passionate about striving for more. Those who want to better themselves not only financially, but in every aspect of their lives.


I traveled a unique path to find my way to the financial planning industry. After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Accounting Sciences, I entered the public accounting world. After a few years, I took my shot in the corporate accounting world. 


Something was missing, though. 


I figured out that my passion for helping people was not being fulfilled. So, with bright and starry eyes I made a bold decision to dedicate a year to service work. Was I nervous? You bet. Did I know what was going to happen? Not in the least. Am I glad I did it? No doubt in my mind. It changed the whole direction of my life! 


When I returned to Chicago I knew I wanted to integrate my CPA background with helping people, which led me to financial planning. I think about that decision a lot. I feel blessed that I can meet and help so many dynamic and diverse families and individuals. 


One of the greatest freedoms in the financial planning industry is being a fee-only planner. As a fee-only firm, we are only compensated by our clients. We do not accept fees for recommending products. Because of this, I take pride in offering recommendations that benefit each client’s individual goals.

In my free time, I enjoy checking out the different neighborhoods of Chicago; biking on the wonderful lakefront trail (which I hardly do enough!); and volunteering at a variety of organizations including, the Financial Planning Association, my church, and LadderUp, a not-for-profit tax assistance program.


I look forward to learning about what drives you, so together we can build on your finances and help you live your best life.





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